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 Special Anchoring Light Meditation Gathering of Lightworkers to assist in the quenching of the fires.
We anchor a Higher Thought Form for the balancing of the planet. Please visualize rain clouds pouring water upon the fires to assist our precious Mother Earth.


Our earth has not only entered a grand cosmic cycle of 26,000 years but also a grand cosmic cycle of almost 500,000 years. Since 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence ushering a new cycle, there is a choice and great opportunity given to humanity at this time of great change on our planet. Since July 16, 2007, The Anchoring Light Channeled Meditation has been meeting every Monday evening continuously without fail at the request and in partnership with Ascended Masters, various Star and Celestial Beings of Light, merging into a Group Galactic Heart of Unconditional Love for our Mother Earth and all her life. Participants will serve as Anchors of Light thereby assisting in her Ascension and also increasing our capacity to heal ourselves and hold Light within ourselves thus transforming our own lives to our full potential as divine humans and contributing to the up-liftment of life on earth. As Anchors of Light, we take our important role in the Spiritual Hierarchy to manifest the Divine Plan of Love, Light, Peace and Oneness to our planet. Please add your Light to these meditations that are timeless and offer blessings beyond measure!

Hurricane Irma - What Scientists do not understand                  9/16/2017

​Watching MSNBC Sunday, Sept 10, 2017 the evening of Hurricane Irma coming to the Sun coast Area, Brian Williams stated "What a Blessing!" Irma had gone east before arriving to the Florida Sun coast area as result became less intense and less damaging. He said that it defied all the computer models and forecast for the area. I would like to suggest it was the focused concentration of Prayer, Intention and the knowledge that we are powerful co-creators that helped to lessen the fury of Hurricane Irma. There were so many that gathered together to pray and many on conference calls using our Master Skill of visualization, intention and energy of the Open Heart of Compassion. That made all the difference. Let us continue to use the loving energy of Compassion in all it forms for those who are suffering from the effects of Irma.

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