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Anchoring Light Prayers

These are the prayers said before every Anchoring Light Meditation to help with protection and light for you and our planet to create a world of peace.

The Pillar of Light Protection

I call on the I AM presence
of God to surround me with a tube of
dazzling white like substance like Sun
glistening snow pouring down around me
as a circular wall of light. This light
essence is constantly pouring like
Niagara Falls. I also call on beloved
Lord Guatama to surround my protective
pillar of light with your circle a blue
flame for any added protection which may
be required. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Invoking the Law of Forgiveness

Beloved presence of God I AM
in me, I AM the ascended masters Law of
Forgiveness and Transmitting Flame of
all the mistakes I have ever made and
those of all mankind as well as those of
the elemental Kingdom. Transmute this
miss qualified energy into the "Light of
God that never fails". Illumine our minds
and feelings and see that neither I nor
any of the rest of life ever make the
same mistakes again

Transmuting Violet Flame Invocation

Magic I AM presence,
blaze through and around me the
transmuting violet flame thy sacred fire.
Purify and transmute now all impure
desires, hard feelings, wrong concepts
imperfect etheric records, causes cores
effects and memories known or hidden.
Keep this flame sustained and all
powerfully active. Replace all by pure
substance, power of accomplishment and
the Divine Plan fulfilled.

After Violet Flame Invocation

Beloved Lord Guatama,
Archangel Michael and Ascended Master
Jesus, charge into this violet flame
your purifying dissolving power of
divine love in its most powerful dynamic
activity. Let the powers of light descend
into earth and take full command. In the
name of the cosmic I AM presence, to all
that is not of the light we say: You have
no power. Your end has come. In the name
of the cosmic I AM presence for all
humanity, we now consciously give the authority
for the earth to the Ascended Masters
and Cosmic Beings to bring into
manifestation the Divine Plan fulfilled.

Acension Decree

My magic I AM presence,
you direct my activity, world and
affairs and take full command of me,
guide, protect the illumine me every step of
the way and see that I render the
greatest service possible. See in your
wisdom that I make the Ascension at the
close of this embodiment.
I AM the Ascension manifesting. I thank
you beloved I AM.

We Remember

We are spiritual beings of Light, one
with the source of all creation. We
remember all is one. We remember we are
creators and part of a divine creative
plan. We remember we are here in physical
expression as guardians and stewards to
earth and we work in collaboration with
other spiritual beings of light from
various streams of consciousness. We work
together bounded by love to liberate
Earth Mother to take her place as a
World of Peace. We walk the path of Love
and Light

Invocation Chant

(Repeat 3 Times)
Luminous Ones of the Seven
Seas we call you now... We call you now to
heal the waters of Terra.

Dr. Emoto's Healing Gulf Prayer
 I send the energy
of Love and Gratitude to the water and
all the living creatures in the Gulf of
Mexico and its surroundings. To the
whales, dolphins, pelicans, shellfish,
plankton, coral, algae and all living
creatures... I am sorry. Please forgive me.
Thank you. I love you.

Prayer of the 7 Galactic Directions
From the east house of light,
​may wisdom dawn in us so
we may see all things and clarity.
From the north house of night may wisdom
ripen in us so we may know all from
From the West house of transformation may wisdom
be transformed into right action so we
may do what must be done.
From the south house of the eternal Sun may right
action reap the harvest so we may enjoy
the fruits of planetary being.
From above house of heaven where star people and
ancestors gather may their blessings
come to us now.
From below house of earth
may the heartbeat of her crystal core
bless us with harmonies to end all war.
From the center galactic source which
is everywhere at once may everything be
known as the light of mutual love.


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