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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Well doing this blog has been something I've been wanting to do for a very long time.  Over three years ago the Ascended Masters said use the Tools of Aquarius and so finally here I am at this divinely appointed time to start and at a very timely point in our evolution. I'm here to share insights that I receive from the Celestial Realms of Light in an altered state. I'm going to call these Theta insights. 

THETA INSIGHT - THE TUBE I'll start off with The Tube. It was a vision shown to me about eight weeks ago from this date. I was shown a translucent tube like structure that was horizontal and the sense and feeling of this was that there was this energy moving back-and-forth from one end of the structure to the other causing a lot of chaotic emotionally charged energy. The idea was that this energy ideally would meet in the center, thereby being balanced and move upwards in a vertical direction. But, it was not able to do so because it was locked and encapsulated in this energetic tube-like structure with the energy just moving back-and-forth from one end of this tube to the other end. I got the distinct impression that the energy was to move upward vertically. What was impressed was the fact that there are those "Powers That Be" who manipulate the human species of this planet through the manipulation of the human emotional body, specifically through the most ancient part of the human brain known as the reptilian brain and further deeper than that is the seed thought structure of self-preservation. The seed thought structure of self-preservation is of course important and served a very important purpose as that the human species needed to survive in its earliest development. However as a species we have evolved way beyond that, but this seed thought structure embedded in the deepest part of our brains is being manipulated through the emotional body by those who do not want us to move in a vertical direction but instead keep us in this horizontal back-and-forth emotional prison. I have come to find out that there is a picture presented in the keys of Enoch by  JJ Hurtak that depicts this Higher Guidance I received. It shows a picture of a horizontal snake which represents the translucent horizontal tube I saw and a chalice which was the vertical energetic that I sensed. Above the chalice is the symbol of the dove representing the holy spirit or the Higher Celestial Planes of Light. This ancient drawing is called The Struggle between the Serpent and the Dove for the Ascension of the Species. I need not tell you how this dynamic is working out in our present climate of political and human affairs. But the fact is that this has been used to keep humans distracted from becoming aware of their true nature as Magnificent Beings of Light with endless possibilities to create harmony and joy in this creation!!! Dear Lightworkers do not fall into this trap!  We are a people within the people. We are the Starseeds, the Lightworkers who are here to keep the balance and not contribute to the emotional turmoil of duality thinking!  We are here to maintain OUR balance and Anchor the Light! That is our job!  We can not contribute to the emotional chaos being manipulated by those who have their self willed agenda. Those who are awake are In the world but not of it and we have to hold the balance within ourselves first in order to help others. Of course we are entitled to our opinions and if we come from emotional balance our highest integrity to answer a call to advocate for something important, absolutely we do what we are here to do. We take our positions as Lightworkers and do what we are guided to do. But we do so in a balanced and purposeful way. Not engaging in the collective unconscious emotional turmoil of the Unawakened. Others will learn from our example and we will contribute towards emotional balance to the collective unconscious, helping to bring forth balance for our precious earth along with our Higher Celestial Realm Family of Light who work with us! Rev. Sharon-Elizabeth

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