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Hurrican Irma- What Scientists do not understand

Updated: Oct 23, 2019


​Watching MSNBC Sunday, Sept 10, 2017 the evening of Hurricane Irma coming to the Suncoast Area, Brian Williams stated "What a Blessing!" Irma had gone east before arriving to the Florida Suncoast area as result became less intense and less damaging. He said that it defied all the computer models and forcast for the area. I would like to suggest it was the focused concentration of Prayer, Intention and the knowledge that we are powerful co-creators that helped to lessen the fury of Hurricane Irma. There were so many that gathered together to pray and many on conference calls using our Master Skill of visualization, intention and energy of the Open Heart of Compassion. That made all the difference. Let us continue to use the loving energy of Compassion in all it forms for those who are suffering from the effects of Irma.

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